Ashelin Praxis (nottheaveragekg) wrote in jak_dressing,
Ashelin Praxis

Because we totally don't use this place enough.

Look alive, soldiers.
You've just been recruited for the Freedom League, and I'm going to keep you very busy.

Be prepared in 0400 hours or you'll find my pistol in your face.
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Sorry, I just don't look good in a military uniform.
You don't get a choice. This is for the good of New Haven and its citizens.
And what if you're not a citizen, hm?
Okay, Sweet Cheeks. I'd work hard fer ya' any day.
Your enthusiasm is something the others can learn from, but your stupid pet names aren't. That's "Baroness" to you.
Okay, Baroness. Can I ask what ya' are expectin' us ta do, or will ya' claw my eyes out.
What do you expect me to expect of you. Soldiers work. That means protecting the citizens and its citizens, including the sectors that are in danger of being penetrated by ongoing attacks from the KG leftovers and the confident Metal Heads. Should be easy enough for someone like you.
Doesn't sound to easy. Probably don't get many breaks either, seein' you.
What, you've never fought a Metal Head before? What kind of Havenite are you?
A course I've messed with Metal Heads! Nearly got my arm ripped off, in th' process, too.

It's th' KGs I'm worried about.
KG leftovers. They shouldn't give you too much trouble if you know what you're doing. If you don't know, then just make sure you're the only one who dies.
Hmph. A fine strategy that makes: conscription, just like your father did.
It's not conscription. Everyone here hasn't been doing much of anything as of late. Anything useful. New Haven needs the effort and the commitment. Unlike my father, it's not a situation of "sacrifice yourself for the city or die". My plans are different. My strategy is different.
Ahh, but how long can it last like that? Sooner or later all that's left is the means, without the ends to justify them.
"Freedom League" is a pitiful name for a city's army. A truly victorious army must be able to strike fear into the hearts of all its opponents, even just by its name!
The Freedom League is a name given on the basis of liberation for those formerly under the oppression of Baron Praxis. It's not meant to strike fear. If I catch you trying to sway the other units with that idiotic idea of yours, you can pick up your pieces off the ground when I'm done with you.
Ahh, I have no intention to commandeer any of your troops, I merely meant it as one monarch to another.
Busy doing what, might I ask?
Various things: Metal Heads, KG Bots, sector security, writing reports. You don't work often, do you? If you're real good, I'll let you go treasure hunting in the desert, at your own risk.
Actually, I do a good deal of work - just work of a somewhat different nature. I have no objection to getting my hands dirty, if that is what you're implying.
Never said you couldn't handle it. I've seen the kind of man you are. You think you're worthy of working a little higher than the others?
[Phoenix lifts an eyebrow.]

That depends on what you're proposing.
What I'm proposing. I didn't know I was offering proposals so soon. Normally it takes a few dates first.

[She smirks.]
[Phoenix grins back.]

Well, I'd be more than happy to oblige you there.
You think you're good enough for a date with me. That's real funny.