Ashelin Praxis (nottheaveragekg) wrote in jak_dressing,
Ashelin Praxis

To the Brink, Across the Sky

Characters: Ashelin, Phoenix, NPCs, (to be updated, what?) [closed]
Setting: Joint Elegante RP and Black Ice writing project

Maybe I shouldn't be doing this.

Why the hell was she thinking that now?! It was a little too late for that. She'd gotten up into Daddy's face, ignored his huffing and puffing when she told him she had something to investigate, and then took off without a second thought, or made it look like she did. It hadn't been too far out of Haven before she really began to wonder what the right course of action was. All of this, jumping "ship" to answer her own questions, it was pretty damn selfish. She just had to know she wasn't really going crazy, though. She'd heard enough from Torn back in the city. Even Daxter, who she thought was nuts in his own right, hadn't rendered her immune to his insults.

She just had to see it through, didn't she? She had to. Had to. She wouldn't sleep at night if she didn't. She couldn't stop the Baron if she couldn't concentrate. No matter what kind of insecurities lurked in that complicated mind of hers, she had to face it all. She'd confront it all head on. And it was better than even considering the alternative. Obnoxious announcers and fruit baskets flung into the sun weren't her "cup of tea".

I've got no choice. I won't give myself another one. I have to do this. Jak's going to be fine. The Underground can handle this.

She'd help them when she got back, and maybe she wouldn't even stay in the Brink long. How much was there to see at the end of the world, anyway? That was something she hadn't known when she set out. She'd gone on her own, not trusting anyone else at her back, considered bringing fodder, but believed she wouldn't run into trouble. If she did, the gun would do what it needed to. What she really needed though, was a map. She just knew the Brink was far off the "mainland," which was a part of whatever Haven had gotten itself into.

So she'd gone over desert sands, and blue oceans, and seen more with her own two eyes than she'd seen in any book. She'd suddenly wished she'd gotten to bring back the Aeropan history book with her. Eh. Details, details.
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