Jak (ecosponge) wrote in jak_dressing,

Lost in a different world

With a groan, Jak picked himself up off the ground. What had happened? They'd opened the portal, then that monster appeared, and Jak...

He remembered. He remembered taking off in the machine they'd found, ramming the monster to keep it from entering his world. Then everything had turned into a rush of light before the machine had exploded.

And now he was here. Towering buildings like he'd never seen and hard paved streets and nothing was familiar. People trudged by who he didn't know. He turned around. Where was Daxter? And Keira? And Samos?

A small thread of alarm started to worm its way up. Where had that gate taken him?

[ooc: Voice testing before I app him somewhere, making sure he can hold up in a serious log despite the fact that he's mute. Feel free to tag in and start a new thread. Each one will be considered a separate AU. Default setting is Haven, but if another city would work better, I'm totally game. Thanks. o/]
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