Phoenix (ecopiracy) wrote in jak_dressing,

Once More... Torn isn't exactly a friend.

Characters: Phoenix, Torn, Ashelin, NPCs [closed]
Setting: Based off of MS Elegante RP and Once More, Dear Friends... None of what happens in this applies to the game.

Phoenix's airship was running low on fuel. He'd known he would be pushing his luck to fly such a small plane for such a great distance, even with the stop in Kras, but his calculations had been accurate and the weather had been on his side. Even so, he still breathed a sigh of relief when the city showed up on his radar.

Hmm. He had never asked what sort of security the city had. Did they even have standard procedures for approaching aircraft to follow?

Probably better to assume so. They did have ships, after all, so it would only stand to reason. He flipped on the radio transmitter.

"This is Captain Phoenix of the..." He nearly faltered, but caught himself in time. "...Aero's Wing. Requesting permission to enter the city."

Aero's Wing. His lips thinned with a grimace. Not the Phantom Blade.
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